Q:  Can I provide my own Garments/products?
A: Yes, however I can not replace anything that gets damaged. Rarely happens, but I can’t replace certain items that are brought in from outside sources.

Q:What do I need to get started?
A: A Rough Idea of design, and an idea of how many pieces you want. We work with you to get you going from start to finish!

Q: What are your Terms?
A: Terms are Half down, or 5% discount with full downpayment. Order does not start until payment is made.

Q: Do I need Print Ready Artwork?
A: I include graphic design with your screenprinting orders, I do offer Graphic design outside of Screen print orders as well. Redraws of current logos outside of screenprinting costs approx $25 , including the art file.

Q: Can I have the art file you produced with my order?
A: Yes, however I do have a 25$ art charge to have the core art file that I have my time invested into

Q: How long does it take to get a custom piece made?
A: A single piece can take between 2-5 days, a screenprinted wholesale order can take approx 2-3 weeks depending on garments/artwork needs/etc

Q: Can you print things other than clothing/Shirts?
A: Yes, We can print anything that is single ply, able to be laid flat. Some of the things I’ve printed before are: Snowblower covers, Twill patches, Flags, Handkerchiefs, Towels, Single pieces can be customized further as well, for stage or individual performances. Please inquire about single custom pieces

Q: Do you Ship/Deliver?
A: Potentially, each case is handled individually. Delivery is generally available within 3 miles of my retail location, however we may be able to arrange something after work hours or before work hours.

Q: Do you have options for RUSH orders?
A: Potentially, we work with every customer with the time we have, I do what I can, but when things are scheduled out several weeks, timing can be an issue. Case by case basis.

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